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This event was held on 2021.05.16 (Sun).

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Akino Arai's Acoustic LIVE TOUR 2020 "Little Piano vol.10” in TOKYO FM HALL

  • date_range 2021/05/16 (Sun) 17:00 - 2021/06/16 (Wed) 19:00
  • grade Pop
  • label新居昭乃

Akino Arai's Acoustic LIVE TOUR 2020 "Little Piano vol.10” in TOKYO FM HALL which will be held on April 4, 2021 (Sun) has been decided to be on streaming!
This performance will be held after repeated postponements due to the influence of the new coronavirus. We are going to deliver the first Akino Arai LIVE in 2021 to everyone!
Don't miss this opportunity!
* It is not a live streaming.

Please comment on Twitter with the hashtag #LP10_2021 during the live streaming show!
Akino will also comment on realtime as well
The comment field will show up 30 mins before the streaming and close 30 mins after the streaming.
Please let us hear your thoughts and reactions, and feel free to comment anything you would like to tell to her!


Akino Arai

・Date: 2021/May/16(Sun)17:00 – 19:00
・Streaming Period: 2021/May/16(Sun)17:00 – may/19(Wed)19:00
・On Sale: 2021/April/4(Sun)19:00 –June/16(Wed)18:59
・Ticket: ¥2,500
・Payment Method: Credit Card
        Convenience Stores
        WeChat Pay

You must have your ZAIKO account to watch the streaming.
You can watch the live streaming as much as you like with the purchase of your ticket.
Live streaming URL will be only available in your ZAIKO account.
Regarding the viewing environment, it is greatly affected by the status of the internet connection you are using.
Please watch with the load on your line as low as possible.
If you start watching in the middle of the show, you only can watch from that point and you cannot rewind and play it back during a live stream.
Due to internet connection or system troubles, there is a possibility that the distribution video and audio may be disturbed, the performance may be interrupted or stopped midway.
The organizer will not be responsible for any problems caused by your internet connection or viewing environment.
This performance is a paid live show. The organizer owns all rights. Screen recording/shooting/recording on cameras/smartphones or viewing terminals is prohibited.
After the live stream, ticket holders will be able to watch it again as an archive for 3 days (until 19:00 on Wednesday, May 19).
Please note that customers who purchased tickets after 17:00 on May 19 (Wednesday), the last day of archive delivery, may not be able to see the performance until the end.
When you buy your ticket, or during the live stream broadcast, you can donate (Social Tipping) to the artist as your support and kindness.

[Recommended environment for watching videos]
[Smartphones, tablets]
iOS 11.0 or later (latest Safari version)
Android OS 5.0 or later (Google Chrome latest version)

Please be sure to have any of Windows 10 or higher / MacOS 10.9 or higher (latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Firefox) when watching.
Please make sure you can watch in the recommended environment before purchasing.
Also make sure that your device and software are not defective or damaged.
We cannot support anything other than the recommended environment.

[About communication environment]
A fast and stable internet connection is required to watch the video.
Be sure to check in advance whether it is out of the service area or a place where the signal is weak and there is remaining packet capacity.
If you are using shared WiFi, please make sure that you turn off the WiFi of the unused terminal and do not put anything that interferes with the router.
Also, avoid crowded areas and areas surrounded by concrete.
In order to use this service comfortably, please confirm this before using this service.
In addition, regarding the viewing trouble caused by the customer, the distributor and our company will not take any responsibility.

▼ You can check your own internet speed from the following.

◇For the latest information on "Caution", "Recommended environment for watching videos" and "About communication environment", please check on the ZAIKO site.

*Please make sure you can watch in the recommended environment before purchasing.
If you want to do a viewing test:
Please try this free ticket.
You can check the viewing flow and method in advance.

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